Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a JH Preferred Card?
Where can I use my JH Preferred Card?

Use your card for purchases everywhere Visa debit is accepted. Use your Card to withdraw cash and check your balance at millions of ATMs worldwide and to make purchases at retail locations, online, over the phone, or through mail order. Service fees apply to ATM transactions.

How do I use my JH Preferred Card?
Can I use my card and cash to pay for purchases?

Your card supports partial payment, which means you have the ability to spend every penny on your card. Don't worry if your purchase costs more than the balance on your card. Most places allow you to simply pay the difference with cash or another payment method.

Unfortunately, some merchants don't allow partial payment. If your card is ever denied, just ask if you can use your prepaid card first and then pay the difference with cash or another payment method.

How do I add funds to my Card?
How do I check my balance and see my transactions?

You can check your balance and transaction history by logging in to your account here. Take advantage of JH Preferred Card's helpful money management features and opt-in to receive text and email alerts of account activity. Message and data rates may apply.

Can I pay bills with my JH Preferred Card?
How do I transfer funds to friends or family?

Card-to-card transfers allow you to easily transfer funds from your JH Preferred Card to another JH Preferred Card for free. You may not use the card-to-card transfer feature to transfer more than a total of $500.00 in one day or $2,000.00 in a given month to another JH Preferred Card.

I forgot my PIN. What do I do?
Can I use my JH Preferred Card at gas stations to pay at the pump?

Yes. Please be aware some merchants place a hold of $75 or more on your card when you pay at the pump. The hold is only temporary until the transaction is finalized. While the hold is typically brief, it may remain on your Card for up to seven days. Once the transaction is finalized, you will only pay for the gas you purchased. If your Card does not have a balance of at least $75, it may be declined. We recommend you consider paying inside with the attendant for the exact amount and signing the receipt instead.

Why are some of my transactions listed as "pending"?
What if my Card or PIN is lost or stolen?

Always keep your PIN in a safe place and never write it on your Card. If your Card or PIN is lost or stolen, immediately call Customer Care toll-free at 1-855-598-4818.

What are the fees for using my JH Preferred Card?
Are there withdrawal or load limits for my JH Preferred Card?

The maximum amount that can be spent on your Card per day is $5,000. You may withdraw up to $2,550 per day from domestic ATMs. Please see the complete list of JH Preferred Card limits here .

Are the funds on my Card safe?
Can I return merchandise purchased with my Card?

Yes, in accordance with your retailer's return policy.

Need Help?

If you have questions about your JH Preferred Card or need to report a lost or stolen card, please contact a Customer Care Representative at:


Or write to:
JH Preferred Customer Care
PO Box 826
Fortson, GA 31808

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