JH Preferred Features

Be preferred. Control your own financial future. Enroll in the JH Preferred Prepaid Visa Card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add funds to my Card?

Direct Deposit is the fast and easy way to add money to your Card. Simply complete the direct deposit form that came with your card and provide to your employer or benefits provider. You can also get your form by logging in to your account online.

You can also purchase a Vanilla Reload at thousands of major retailer locations nationwide and easily add cash to your Card. Service fees apply.

And, you can receive money from other JH Preferred Cardholders using card-to-card transfers. You may not use the card-to-card transfer feature to receive more than a total of $500 in one day or $2,000 in a given month.

Can I use my Card and cash to pay for purchases?

Your JH Preferred Card supports partial payment, which means you have the ability to spend every penny on your Card. Don't worry if your purchase costs more than the balance on your card. Most places allow you to simply pay the difference with cash or another payment method. Be sure to check with the merchant before your transaction as not all retailers accept “split payment.” If your Card is ever denied, just ask if you can use your prepaid card first and then pay the difference with cash or another payment method.